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Financial Independence – Myths and Realities

How your life would be if you don’t have to worry about money?

Many of us believe that we need to be very rich to be in that situation and many others think we should either be lucky or be from a rich family. If that was true, then so many rich celebrities would not have died poor. In real life, anyone can become financially independent with a little bit of planning and acting right. We are not born to just pay the bills and die, right? My blog is for ordinary, common people what want financial independence.

Financial freedom is more than having money. It means living your life happily, to be who you really are, and do what you love to do without being worried about cash flow.

It does not matter whether you are an inexperienced employee, or a veteran manager, or a self-employed person. History has shown that millions of people from all walks of life have been able to generate passive income streams flowing consistently to them even when they are sleeping or holidaying. Beware of those scams and spams that promise you of getting rich by buying some kind of “autopilot” driven on-line “secret” systems that would bring in money even if you have no knowledge of that business. Things don’t work that way.

I have created this blog based on my long experience in real life business world, having interactions with hundreds of successful and financially free people, testing numerous tools and strategies in goods and services across many countries. My mission is to continually provide quality education and help to show financial freedom to my followers.

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